Black Hole Galactic Emperor's Pocket Watch is a depiction of the galactic empire's four major phases of life cycle namely the DAWN, DAY, DUSK and DARKNESS, in the form of a pocket watch.

Dynasty Series

Dynasty Series features a flat watch case with chamfered edge. Crown is jeweled with a radiant cut diamond.

Majesty Series

Majesty Series pocket watches feature a classical curved edge watch case. Crown is jeweled with a brilliant cut diamond.

Quad Color Edition

Quad Color Edition is the special edition of  the collection with "Dynasty" or "Majesty" engraved on the watch case and comes with the most unique combination: Pocket Watch DAWN in white gold, Pocket Watch DAY in yellow gold, Pocket Watch DUSK in pink gold and Pocket Watch DARKNESS in dark matter.

About  iTIME.ART™

My name is Kolsen, a huge fan of sci-fi and astronomy as well as a seasoned collector of pocket watches. I'm the crypto watchmaker at iTIME.ART who passionately strives for a perfect blend of digital creativity and watchmaking artistry on pocket watches. 

iTIME.ART is dedicated to exclusively serving connoisseurs and collectors of pocket watches NFTs. 

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